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Contact us. We want to know your business. The better we understand your products and services, the more effective our team effort. We want to create a strong trusting partnership with your company. We know that if we prove our effectiveness and gain your trust, you will encourage every client to consider lease-financing with National.

The Triangle of Trust. When we gain your trust and you refer the client that trusts you, the client is more apt to offer their trust in National. Trust puts the customer at ease and provides an opportunity to build a relationship. Of course we want to help you close your sale. We also want to earn the clients future business. Doing our best for you provides the best opportunity to earn more business with them.

When clients use lease-financing with National, they buy more, they buy often and they buy now! When customers justify the payment instead of the cost, they are able to buy more. Not having to wait for a surplus of cash to buy your equipment, Lease-financing with National expands their buying ability and enables them to buy now. You will also find that National, because we’re the equipment buyer, you will be paid faster. Do your customers pay timely or do they pay 30 days, 60 days or longer? National pays promptly and will probably be one of your fastest payers.

Treat leasing like a case sale: As a seller of the equipment nothing changes because your client entered a lease. You are not responsible for their repayment.

The steps in a typical lease-finance transaction:

  1. Contact us. By phone, email or by fax with the customer particulars such as Contact information, equipment particulars and delivery dates.
  2. We contact them and pre-qualify for the amount needed and terms best suited for their needs. We then send the written quote with a credit application. We can also provide you with EZ Quote. This simple Excel based quote calculator enables you to prepare simple professional quotes with 8 options. If we prepare the lease quote, we also indicate, other information like a financial statement if needed and fax or email in a pdf file.
  3. For the client to go forward, they complete our on-line credit application or Print Friendly Commercial Application. Once received we immediately process their request.
  4. Once approved we prepare the lease-finance agreement and either overnight or email it to them in pdf file format. When returned with the advance payment check and fee, we issue you (the vendor) a Purchase Order.
  5. When the equipment is delivered, we confirm with the client and then immediately pay the vendor (you) by overnight mail or electronic ACH.

Built For Speed: Our app-only, decision in minutes, credit guidelines are the most generous in the industry. This combined with great lease terms will insure you of more sales and larger sales. Our multiple tiered credit approach will requires minimal effort on the customer’s part to obtain the highest credit allowance. Established to a new business, we can help most business types, often approving them for higher amounts. The extra amount enables you to upgrade them and increase your sale. Lease-financing without question will National will increase your business.

EZ Quote from National: Our Excel based lease-finance quote program provides 8 exact payments options in seconds. Print and you will provide an effective solution for your customers to act today.

National Professional’s: Our approach is comprehensive. The better we know you, the more thorough we can be. Call a National professional and help us complete a comprehensive vendor profile. You can click here and immediately get started On-line Vendor Profile or use Printable Vendor Profile and fax in to us. We will immediately contact you and get your company started. Full training at no cost.

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Complete our On-line Vendor Profile or Complete the Printable Vendor Profile and fax in.

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